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This is a framework that runs on the Microsoft Windows and is developed by the Microsoft and it comprises of a large class library called the FCL (Framework Class Library). The major benefits of the FCL are that it provides data connectivity, data access, web application, cryptography, network communication user interface, numeric algorithms and data access. The programmers combine the source code along with the .net framework and other libraries to produce software.

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Features of the framework

Language independence

One of the features of the .net framework is the language independence that defines all the programming constructs and data types that are supported by the CTS (Common Type System). The developers use this feature to build web application that is operable in any kind of .net language.


As this framework has its own security mechanism with the validation, verification and CAS (Code Access Security) that is associated with a unique assembly. The code access security uses the evidences to give permission to code and other codes can call this code to get specific access.


The other amazing feature of the .net framework is the interoperability which forms a bridge between the old and new applications and offers access to the functions implemented in both applications that is executed outside.


One of the biggest changes in the Microsoft framework is that the .net framework is engineered to be cross platform. With all the official standards the framework can be used in different platforms and with this feature the Mazetech developers design your web application that can be established in different platforms.


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